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Set up an internet e-store with credit card processing, shopping cart and hosting.  Click here Set up credit card processing for a mail order or telephone order business.  Click here

Set up credit card processing for a retail business, or wireless account.   Click here Switch over to TMS for free and get better rates and fees plus world class customer service.  Click here

Learn more about credit card processing on the net, and e-commerce. How it works, what you need and much more.   Click here Earn commissions and residual income as a TMS Marketing Partner.  Click here
This month's special! -  Hypercom T7-P Thermal retail terminal.  Purchase for  $295! or lease for $12/month!
Regular $395.  Click here for details
NEW!  - Now you can process credits cards right from your cell phone!  Use the phone by itself to key-in your charges or with the use of the optional mini swiper and printer (as shown) you have a complete point of sale system right on your belt loop!  No expensive wireless terminals needed and No RAM charges!  Great for trade shows, off-site sales, limo and taxi services.
Click here for details


Jump to the application process, please click on the link below:

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Everything you need to know about merchant accounts can be found at this site!

Understanding s can be difficult especially if you are new to credit card processing.  We have  taken the entire subject of merchant accounts and broken it down into easy to understand sections that pertain to your business type. If you need to process credit cards over the internet we offer merchant accounts with ecommerce solutions such as shopping carts, hosting and internet gateway systems that will allow you to operate an online store easily and effectively 24-7. If you need a high risk merchant account, click here as unfortunately we may not have a solution for you at this time. If you need to accept credit cards with a retail business we have excellent pricing and 24 hour free replacement service on all major brands of credit card terminals. If you have a mail order business processing credit cards is easy with our Windows based PC Charge credit card processing software with advanced features like customizable data base and recurring billing so the you can easily charge your customers credit cards when ever their payment is due with one simple step.

Accepting credit cards is vital to operating any business in today's society but it is especially important to have a high quality merchant account provider like Total Merchant Services to partner with. Total Merchant Service is dedicated to provide you with the best credit card processing solutions for your business and merchant account customer support second to none.  There are a lot of companies offering credit card processing and other services.  Use discretion with whom you deal with.  Some free advise.  Donít succumb to high-pressure sales tactics.  A pressure salesman wants to get your signature before you realize how much you are over paying. 

At the end of the tour you will find an on-line application form so you can get started right away.  If you have questions just give us a call on our toll free number 1-888-871-4558.  We are here to help you succeeded - we will listen to you, answer your questions and make constructive suggestions and recommendations.   You will never feel pressured or obligated.  to find out more.

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Accept Credit Cards

If you are a first time visitor we highly recommend that you follow the appropriate category for your interest.  Each link will start you out on a short, but informative tour with complete but concise information, descriptions and answers to most of your questions.  At any time if you would like to speak to a TMS representative, please feel free to call us on the toll free sales number:

1-888 871-4558